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So my last post was about the symptoms of a sick bird, but this post will be about taking care of your sick bird.

I have done a lot of research online and most websites just say if your bird is sick, it needs to see a vet or else it will definitely die. I finally stumbled upon a website where I found some helpful tips. Click here to visit the website. Here are the cliff notes.

1. Warmth

Make sure your bird is warm since its body needs to focus on recovering, not keeping warm. Keep a blanket over your bird's cage so it can retain heat. There are many other ways to keep your bird warm but this is the simplest way.

2. Hygiene

Make sure your bird's cage is clean, it's food and water bowls are clean, and you change its food regurlarly. Keeping your bird's enviorment clean makes sure it won't get even more sick from the possible bacteria.

3. Stress

Make sure your bird isn't under any stress. And if there is another bird in the cage, seperate the healthy and unhealthy birds so the healthy birds won't get sick.

So those are the main points that are very important to know when your bird is sick. Morning Glory was sick a few weeks ago and by following these steps she is so much more healthy. If there isn't an avian doctor near you, try following these steps and see if your bird recovers.

Hope you found this helpful! :)


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