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So recently my own pet bird, Morning Glory, has been looking kind of ill. Bird's tend to hide their own sicknesses because in the wild, sick birds are weak birds. So here are some signs of a sick bird:

1. Lethargy

If your bird is looking very tired and sleepy when he/she should be active and energetic, this could mean he/she is sick.

2. Feather fluffed up

If your bird is constantly puffing up her feathers, this may mean he/she is cold.

3. Watery Poop

If your bird's dropping are watery this could mean that he/she is not processing the food well. 

There are many other signs, but these are the main three. Usually you should be able to tell if your bird is sick. These reasons may all not necassarily mean your bird is sick. Maybe he/she is just tired, cold, or ate something with a lot of fluids in it

Hope this was helpful!


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